Quarantine filled with food!

Hello! This is Samantha! I'm in B4 and will be graduating this August.

These days I have been spending most of my time at home so I would like to contribute this post to showing you a few dishes that I enjoy making and eating for the past few months!

 Miso Katsu! 
I tried making it at home since I can't go to my favourite とんかつ家比呂野 
in Kawana😂
I bought the miso sauce from the store😂

 I eat spaghetti once a week! Eggplant spaghetti is my favourite~

 Pad Kra Pao (A dish from Thailand. I also love Pad Thai♡)

 French Toast! Tastes superb with cream cheese and honey

Kimbap (Korean version of sushi) I like it stuffed with many ingredients and less rice.

I would love to share more but I'll stop here~
To many more cooking adventures~~~😈😈